Connecting your web project to Google is a must for any business to be successful in today’s online world. The only question is: How much Google do you need?


You know Google is important for any web project to be successful online today, but you’re not sure where to start. Also, it can be super frustrating if you haven’t done it before and takes time to do it correctly. So I wanted to simplify things and break it down into smaller tasks, with each task more in depth then the first.

With that in mind, I put together 3 Google Action Plans to help you decide what level will work best for your project. If you have any questions, lets talk.

My Terms

let’s agree on a few things first:

  1. You must be the Owner/Admin of the WordPress project.
  2. After Purchase: You can add me as a user with Full Admin permissions.
  3. You also agree to answer any questions I may have within 24hrs.

If you can agree to these terms, please continue.

To Be Clear!

I am NOT affiliated, associated, or a reseller of Google in anyway shape or form.  The term Google on this entire site is merely to talk about the specific tools and resources Google provides all of us free of charge to use. Any and all pricing talked about on this website is only to provide me with compensation needed for the time and effort it will take to help you with a specific task using Google tools… and I hope this makes sense without any more legal gibberish..:-)

My Terminology:

I have 3 basic action plans for you to start with and I will do my best to explain each one.



  • BASIC: This action plan is to introduce you to Google Search Console. This tool helps you measure your site’s Search traffic, performance, and fix issues, that maximize your performance within search results.
  • STARTUP: This action plan not only connects you to Search Console, but also introduces you to Google Analytics. Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google, that gives you insights into how web users find and use your website. It has reporting tools that can be setup to automaticly send you notifications to help you monitor things as you go.
  • BUSINESS: If you are serious about Web Marketing or Content Marketing this is the package for you. It not only combines the first 2 plans but also helps your web project be more SEO/SEM friendly. This is not a SEO Service (that is a competely different topic) but rather I install and setup plugins that will help your project long term get noticed and found by the right kind of customer you want. At the end of this task I will show you what to do, and then you can decide if you want more of my help or not.


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