Hello! I’m John.

Since 1997 I have been the WEB/IT guy that handles all the technical stuff behind the scenes.. so you can get YOUR website up and running much faster.

my services include:

Design & Marketing

These days, anyone with a laptop and internet connection, can build and market their own website with all the tools and resources available online today. The difference now is TIME… and the learning curve to deal with it.

Website Design

All websites today need the ability to convert to the web visitors screen size. In most cases, I use the mobile first design concept for my clients who know Google is important to them.

Motion Graphics

Depending on the file type needed for exporting I will mainly use the combination of ADOBE PS & AE.
Here are some examples:
Video w/audio & voiceover: (0.52)

Website backgrounds w/no audio:

  1. Example 1  (0.25)
  2. Example 2  (0.42)

Motion from photos:

  1. Example 1 (0.05)
  2. Example 2 (0.06)


NET2 Inbox

This is a Email Marketing tool that has the ability to configure automated drip campaigns, custom lists, segments, and fields, with analytics and insights on all plans. Automation requires a monthly plan and plans are based on list size. I can also set you up with a Pay as You Go account. This type of account works best for clients that don’t send out every month or need automation. Call me to discuss your needs and requirements for your project.

Project Development

When it comes to the development side of things, I prefer working within WordPress, Divi, and Google platforms. These give me the tools necessary to get any client up and running the fastest with the most flexibility.

Why WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is a time tested, very stable, business web platform.. that has professional developement support for just about any function needed.  I only caution you to be very selective with your plugin choices.. this is due to the malicious hackers of today for security reasons.

What is DIVI?

First, DIVI is a customizable theme developed for WordPress. It has installed with it a built-in visual builder that makes it a lot easier for clients to update their own websites if they want the ability to create their own posts or pages. It has a library function that makes it easy to duplicate content that is already stored.  I believe it is much faster and easier for you to edit pre-formatted content blocks, then starting from scratch.

Maintenance & Updates

Maintenance is something we never used to need, but due to the nature of acts played out by modern hackers, we have been forced to deal with this issue head on. Now all my quotes come with maintenance and update requirements. I don’t want any of my clients hit by these malicious actors and I do everything possible to keep them safe 24/7.

My Process


Openly discuss your project, define goals, function, likes and dislikes. Create a budget to work within and who is your target audience.


Depending on your project, I normally come up with a couple of options for us to talk about moving on to the next step.


This is when we come up with a blueprint for your project so we can stay on the same page through out the build process.


Configure custom theme, upload files, and create any custom scripts or code to accomplish the clients vision.